Crossing the finish line

Thanks for the memories!

After three somewhat emotionally and physically draining months, The Scroll Christian Bookstore completed our last sale a little after 6:00pm on Saturday, February 10, 2018. Over our 34 year run, we saved our customers literally millions on their purchases, gave over 1 million to local charities, and with Donna in the vanguard, prayed for thousands, I’m sure. Hundreds of homeschoolers were educated, partly with our help; quite a few teens got their adult lives started working at the store and one very blessed manager was given his dream job. It’s been a terrific run!

When we began this final episode, my response to the many who offered sympathy for our situation was “Yes, I’m sad too, but sometimes that’s the way it goes…” or something like that. I knew God was working all things to the good, etc. and trusted Him to provide for all of us, but still felt a little like we had let Him down by not doing a good enough job. But in the last few weeks, that has changed.

Several things have led me to conclude that what God was really saying to us was “It’s alright. Your season is over. You’ve done well. This is MY will for you and The Scroll.” That puts an entirely different spin on the whole thing. We are rejoicing in what we accomplished and in the wonderful customers, who became friends, that we met along the way. Many lives have been touched, and hopefully the Kingdom has been furthered.

Our thanks to all who crossed our paths for 34 years. The Scroll is gone, but we pray that the effects of our ministry will be felt for many years to come.


David Rooker, manager