On Consigning Your Homeschool Product at The Scroll…

The Scroll is happy to accept consignment of homeshool supplies. There are two options for receiving payment, either via store credit or cash. Consigners who opt for store credit will receive 75% of the purchase price. Those who choose cash will receive 60%.

In addtion there is a $0.20 per line data-entry fee to cover the cost of listing your consignments in our inventory system. This is a cost to The Scroll whether we sell your book or not and it is necessary to cover that cost upfront. This fee will be assessed when you drop off your consignment.

We accept books year round for consignment, but ask that you call before you bring your items to ensure there will be a qualified employee available to facilitate processing and to guarantee that you won’t waste a trip to the store. See below for details.

You may consign product for up to one full year. Periodically The Scroll will pull & purge out of date stock as we have limited space available for display. As stated in your consignment contract, out of date items become the property of The Scroll. We will notify everyone by general email before we do a pull. If you wish to retain ownership of your books, please come to retrieve old stock in a timely fashion.

Steps to Consigning Used Homeschool Books

1. Complete and sign the Consignment Vendor Application. Return it to The Scroll Customer Service Center and receive a vendor number. You may also fax your application to (903) 592-3508 and we will e-mail your vendor number to you. Download application here: Consignment Vendor Application

2. Review the Book Guidelines for acceptable consignments.

  • Only homeschool-related items will be accepted.
  • We will not accept:
    • partially used or filled-in workbooks
    • mildewed, musty, heavily-stained, water, rodent, or insect-damaged items
    • materials that smell of cigarette smoke
    • Individual Alpha-Omega lifepacs and teacher’s guides. (complete boxed sets are acceptable)
    • Abeka curriculum or teacher’s guides (other than Abeka readers)
    • ACE or Christian Light Paces or Teacher Editions.
    • Public school texts not available through homeschool sources
    • Books priced at less than $1.00
    • Material that has not been correctly marked per guidelines
    • General Christian titles, non-homeschool related (we would be happy to accept these titles as donations.)
  • Teacher editions, or support materials must be current editions. Textbooks must be current or published no earlier than 2002.
  • We cannot accept software. This violates copyright & license.
  • Children’s literature is welcome, but should not be heavily yellowed or have brittle or loose pages.
  • Complete Alpha-Omega boxed sets are accepted.
  • Abeka readers are accepted.

3. List each book to be consigned on the Book List form. Please refer to the Samples & Guidelines page for instructions and definitions. Complete the top section with your name and customer number and your choice of payment options (cash or store credit). You may copy or print as many Book List pages as you need to complete your list.

Download Samples & Guidelines & the Book List form
Samples & Guidelines (pdf)
Book List Form (pdf) – print out and complete by hand
Book List Form (excel spreadsheet) – complete in excel and print

4. Enter the book ID#, your selling price, grade level, and date on the back cover of each book (See directions on Samples & Guidelines page).

5. You may bring your consignment items anytime. However, please call first so we can be sure a consignment specialist is available to review and receive your consignments.

Checks or store credit (per your stated preference) will be issued by the end of the first full week in each Quarter – January, April, July, and September. We will send e-mail updates to everyone at that time. You may pick up your payment at The Scroll after receiving the e-mail report.

Thank you for participating in The Scroll’s used homeschool consignment program. We hope it will be a blessing to all involved!

    2 Replies to “Consignment”

    1. Regarding the workbooks, the answer is no. In the downloadable material on this page you’ll find a list of acceptable consignments, and partial Alpha Omega or Ace sets are precluded. The mats and crayons would work, tho the value is minimal. Hope that helps…

    2. I have workbooks 3-10 in a first grade curriculum. Can I sell them along with the teacher’s guides altogether? Also, can I sell Melissa & Doug mats along with the mat crayons that go along with them as sets?

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