Musicians needed too!

mosseisley.jpgWe used to have frequent in store concerts from local musicians, and kinda got away from doing that in the recent past. We even had a visit from a group of local youngsters pictured at the right (in the unedited version of their group name) who have since gone on to bigger and better venues. By the way, if you click on the picture, you can check out a cool painting up in the left hand corner of the room. My youngest did that prior to his departure for the wilds of Africa.

We’d like to start anew. We have a small area in the middle of the store, and a small PA setup, that is great for mini unplugged concerts. If you have a group, and especially if you have cut an album and would like a little exposure (emphasis on the little) we’d like to talk to you about being a part of our Unplugged Fridays.

email me!

Viruses and safe-computing

Saw this little note on the PCWorld website today (

I wrote yesterday about the ongoing flood of new Storm Worm variants showing up attached to e-mails with subjects such as “Virus Alert!” or “I dream of you.” At the time, only four antivirus programs caught it (ClamAV, eSafe, Kaspersky and Symantec), according to a multi-engine scan from Virustotal.

Four others warned about a password-protected archive or .exe but didn’t specifically find the worm.

Since then, the story (and the worm) has spread further, so I thought I’d see how well antivirus apps had caught up. Today at about 11:00am, I re-ran the test with the same Storm Worm sample from yesterday.

So how well did AV do today? Not that much better. Nine engines caught the virus, with eTrust-Vet, Fortinet, F-Secure, McAfee and Webwasher-Gateway joining yesterday’s four. F-Secure uses Kaspersky’s engine, and identifies the variant with the same name.

Which means that more than two-thirds of the programs up at Virustotal still miss this particular variant – not the greatest success rate.

So keep your guard up, and exercise extreme caution with any unexpected e-mail attachments. This worm may arrive as a message seemingly sent by someone you know, since it propagates using e-mail addresses lifted from infected computers.

Just one more reminder to practice safe-computing. Don’t surf without a good virus program, and don’t open attachments that you aren’t expecting. Can’t be too careful these days. I’m sure there’s a spiritual analogy available in all this, but I’ll leave that to you to work out!


A review of Skin by Ted Dekker

Skin by Ted Dekker Does anyone really know what beauty is, or is it truly in the eye of the beholder? Ted Dekker asks this question in his caustic newest novel Skin.

When inclement weather threatens a small town called Summerville in Nevada the inhabitants are dumbstruck. They rarely see one tornado, but now the town is being threatened by the possibility of three, and that’s not to mention the serial killer who has unleashed his fury on the town. Is it one of the five strangers who were seemingly thrown together by circumstances beyond anyone’s control, or could it be the eccentric investigator called in from another town? Either way they need to find answers, and time is running out.

If you are a true-blue Ted Dekker fan this book is a must read! For those who like fast pace books that keep you on the edge of your seats, but are not familiar with Dekker’s work this is a very good start. There are as many twists and turns as any roller coaster. I highly recommend the book Skin by Ted Dekker.

A new toy

I’ve added a new toy to this website – a blog. If you look at my posts in the bulletin board you’ll see a new button added to mine – it says “Blog”. That comes here. ‘Course you don’t really need to go there to get here, since you are already here, but you can… if you want.

Anywho, I have a good ways to go to get this ready for prime time, but I hope to use this in several ways, and plan to ask some of you and some of our customers to contribute. At the moment, this is kinda hidden from everyone but staff, since you can’t see the link unless you are logged in as a staff member, but we’ll get it all rebuilt and include the whole Scroll community. Hopefully someone else will see some value in this too.

In the meantime enjoy this lovely picture of my grandson. Handsome fella isn’t he? Takes after his granddad…

Toodles…baby abarizza